Home Cinema Design

The design is the most important stage in the creation of any home cinema and the majority of audio and video problems can be eliminated by a few careful decisions made early on in the process.

As experts in sound and vision our home cinema designs incorporate a scientific approach coupled with the exacting standards established by THX, the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and the Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA).

The design process begins with the most crucial and often the most overlooked aspect of any system, the room itself.

We use advanced computer software to model the room, allowing us to predict modal peaks and nulls and thus correctly position the subwoofers to achieve smooth bass response.

We also carefully choose the correct positioning of the front, centre, side and rear speakers in order to create an enveloping soundfield.

We can also model the correct placement of any acoustic treatments within the room, as well as the correct seating positions relative to the speakers.

Finally we carefully choose the appropriate light control, room decor, screen make and size and viewing angles in order to optimize the visual experience.

Once combined with a full audio and video calibration the resulting design will reproduce the filmmaker’s vision as accurately as possible. Click here to see an example of a mode analysis

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