Professional Video Calibration

A professional calibration is one of the most effective and least expensive upgrades you can make to your video system.

In the world of home cinema, a video calibration is an exercise in balancing science, knowledge experience and art.

The purpose of a video calibration is to reproduce picture quality according to industry standards and thus create display devices that look as much as possible like the displays used in video production studios and broadcast studios.

Sadly the consumer electronics industry has no recognizable industry-wide measure of quality and in fact manufacturers deliberately ship their products with images that are too bright and colours that are too saturated.

In addition consumers are unaware of the purpose of certain features on their display device and of the impact that room lighting can have on image quality.

To compensate for these issues we use professional test equipment and advanced software to measure the response of the display device compared to ISF and industry standards. We also evaluate the features on a display device and optimize the image for the viewing environment, compensating for rooms that are brighter during the day than at night.

You will see greatly improved picture quality immediately and your calibrated display device will:

  • Display a sharper more focused, full resolution image
  • Display full detail in both the brightest and darkest parts of all scenes
  • Be properly matched to your video system and viewing environment (including using ISF Day and Night settings where appropriate)
  • Produce a full range of accurate colours
  • Become less fatiguing to watch
  • Minimize picture artifacts (distortions)

We can calibrate any display device currently on the market including LCD, Plasma, DLP, SXRD, DILA and CRT. Click here to see an example of a video calibration report.

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